Rappi WILL HAVE TO PROVIDE protection from the Coronavirus for its couriers

Rodrigo Carelli

Rappi, the colombian delivery platform present in 9 countries in Latin America,  has committed to implement various actions to protect its couriers. The deal was reached in a class action filed by the Labour Prosecutor’s and applies to the entire Brazilian territory.

The settlement foresees that when connecting to the platform the worker will receive protection information against COVID-19 and will have to, in the first access of each day, answer a survey about his/her health condition. In case signs of the disease are found, they will be advised to seek the State Health System, maintaining home isolation for 14 days or even negative laboratory test, returning only after 3 days or with medical release.

Rappi has also committed to provide financial assistance to couriers diagnosed with COVID-19 or quarantined by public or private health entities for 15 days, extendable for a further 15 days even if not contaminated by Coronavirus. Couriers active for more than 90 days with at least 60 parcels, or couriers with up to 20 days of registration with at least 40 parcels, or couriers with up to 30 days of registration with at least 20 parcels, are eligible for financial assistance.

The amount of the so-called “financial assistance” is a minimum of R$ 100.00 and a maximum of R$ 110.00 per day up to the value of R$ 1,650.00 for 15 days of isolation, values calculated from the average actual earnings. The worker’s account will be suspended from the benefit request.

The company will also supply kits containing masks and alcohol gel or pay a daily allowance in case there is no delivery point in the city where the deliverer works.

It was not the subject of the lawsuit, nor the agreement, the recognition of the existence of an employment relationship.

It is the first settlement of a platform for the protection of workers from the Coronavirus in a class action, and there are ongoing lawsuits by the Labour Prosecutor’s Office and worker’s unions against Ifood, Uber, Loggi, 99 and Cabify with the same subject matter.

(Ação Civil Pública nº 1000405-68.2020.5.02.0056)

The settlement can be find here, in Portuguese:

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